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Think you have to install sql server server pack to all the SQL Server in a Server. and Attended installation takes  much time and human interferance, here is a simple idea solution for it .Install SQL Server Latest Service Packs from Command Prompt. its the easiest method to implement.

Before proceding please take the FULL Backup of the System databases, which are helpfull at any for ROLL backup Service Pack.

we can easliy uninstall sql server service pack from appwiz.cpl. but which is not possible with SQL Server 2005 and Below

Copy The server pack to a location  and then pass

Open Command Prompt wiht RunAs Administrator. browse to the service pack folder





once the above parameter is passed  you can see the screen below.

to comfirm the server pack installtion summary.txt from the logpath

Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server100Setup BootstrapLog

check the screen shot below

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