SQL server metadata corruption

This article will provide you the procedure to fix SQL server metadata corruption problem. Before proceeding to the solution part we will discuss what is SQL server metadata and the most possible reasons behind the corruption of metadata.

Let’s Talk About Metadata in SQL Server Database

Metadata in the SQL server database can be defined as data about the data or we can also say that information related to other data. By executing sys.databases some functions will return the information about SQL database. These functions are also called metadata functions. Here are the common metadata functions are:

What is SQL Server Metadata Corruption Problem

This problem can occur in the SQL database when the system views, stored procedure, and functions get damaged. Some of the major reason for SQL server Metadata Corruption Problem is described below.

1. Due to Virus or Malware attack.
2. Updating software from old version to the new version.
3. In case of Accidental deletion of data.
4. Due to sudden system shutdown or power outage issue.
5. Due to data stored in compressed folders.

How to Check SQL Server Metadata Corruption Issue

The user can detect this problem by using DBCC CHECKCATALOG command. For this, the user has to execute this command. This command is used to check the corruption in the metadata. It can check the consistency of the catalog for the specified database. On running this command, a warning message will appear on the screen displaying corruption in the metadata.

Manual Methods to Fix SQL Server Metadata Corruption

This method involves fixing the system tables in SQL database in order to fix the corruption problem. Follow the below steps to perform this process

1. First shutdown the server and go to the advanced tab in configuration manager
2. After that add ‘-m;’ to the start of the startup parameter string.
3. Then by connect using DAC ( dedicated admin connection). Start the server again.

Note: This is not a reliable solution to fix this problem. The user can try SQL database recovery to resolve this issue. By using this software the user can easily fix corruption errors. It helps to repair corrupt database when the metadata and the database itself are damaged. Also with the help of this utility the user can easily recover database objects like tables, functions, stored procedure, etc. For complete details, the user can try the demo version of this software.


In this article, we have discussed the SQL server metadata corruption problem. Metadata in SQL is very crucial data in SQL server. If this data gets corrupt then the user can lose all their information. So in this post, we have given the most possible reasons for a metadata corruption. Also, we have discussed the best possible solution by using Repair SQL MDF file tool to resolve this problem.

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