SQL Server is a relational Database Management system used to store a large amount of data. It allows the user to manipulate the database and has several built-in-functions. It uses two types of file systems for data storage. MDF file as primary storage and NDF as secondary storage.

Being the primary storage, MDF file stores complete information of data. There are cases in which MDF and NDF files got corrupt, due to which the data stored in it becomes inaccessible. So if you are facing the issue of corruption of MDF and NDF files then, this blog will help you to know how to resolve SQL Server MDF file corruption issues and recover the data of the corrupt MDF file.

SQL Server Database provides the feature to repair corrupt MDF files but, it is not reliable in case of high data corruption as the guarantee of data recovery is not there. However, there are some automated approaches that ensure the efficient solution to repair and recover the SQL Server MDF file.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the SQL Server MDF file corruption issues, and the methods to resolve them with the help of manual as well as automated methods. Before going further let’s discuss the basic reasons behind SQL server corruption.

Primary Reasons Behind MDF File Corruption Problem:

There are several reasons due to which MDF file corruption can occur. As MDF files are the primary storage files that store the database schema and user data, it means corruption in a primary file will lead to the corruption of the entire database.

  • Hard disk failure.
  • Accidental data deletion.
  • Manipulation in the SQL server.
  • Network failure.
  • Virus attacks.
  • Corruption of metadata.
  • Sudden system shutdown.

Apart from the above issues, there are many such reasons behind MDF file corruption. So, to prevent the data loss it is required to use the best practice to repair the MDF files to save the precious data within them.

I am using SQL server 2014, yesterday my MDF file got corrupt due to hard disk failure. I have tried the DBCC CHECKDB command but got no success. How can I get my data back? Is there any way to recover the SQL Database by repairing the MDF file?”

Manual solutions are not very efficient in case of severe corruption as they require a lot of technical knowledge. Manual methods consume a lot of time and require more human efforts. Therefore, it is advised to use third-party software to deal with the SQL Server MDF file corruption issue.

One such wizard is SQL Database Recovery software which deals with any type of corruption in MDF as well as NDF file.

Key Features of the SQL Database Recovery tool:

  • This tool is capable of repairing the corrupt MDF file of SQL server version 2019,2017,2016,2014 and below versions too.
  • Provide a feature to recover and export the objects of databases such as Tables, Functions, Keys, Indexes, Triggers, etc.
  • Recover and repair data of MDF and NDF files.
  • Auto-detects the version of SQL server MDF files.
  • Previews the deleted records.
  • Provides quick and advance scanning of files.

Professional Approach- By using SQL Database Recovery

Steps to repair corrupt MDF files:

Step1: Install and launch SQL server recovery software.

Step2: Open the corrupt MDF file.

Step3: Select the required scan mode and click on OK.

Step4: Preview the data items by expanding the databases.

Step5: To export the database to the server click on the Export button.

This tool helps you to resolve SQL server MDF file corruption issues. By repairing the corrupted files it also provides a feature to export the data to the required server. The demo version of the tool is available which offers you to repair and recover the corrupt SQL server DB file. You can even export 25 records from each table to the server.

Apart from this method, there are some manual methods. Yow can try them as well in case of minor corruption as the manual methods are not very helpful, and efficient in terms of severe data corruption as it does not provide any guarantee of SQL server data recovery.

Manual Approach-By using DBCC CHECKDB command

On corrupted SQL server Database run DBCC CHECKDB by using the following syntax:

DBCC CHECKDB (Name_of _corrupt _database)

For checking the Index Id:

Condition1: If index id is greater than 1, drop the database and create it again.

Condition2: If Index Id = 0 or 1 then run the DBCC CHECKDB command again with the required repaired option such as repair fast, repair rebuild, repair allow data loss.

Repair_rebuild is an option to repair the Database. It allows the user to repair the SQL server without any data loss.

Repair_allow_data_loss: As the name suggests that this command is used to repair corrupt database but there are chances of data loss.

Therefore, before using these commands it is better to create replicas of the files to be recovered.


In the above content, we have discussed the SQL server MDF file corruption issues and the solution to repair the corrupt MDF file. As the manual methods do not ensure the integrity of data hence it is better to use third-party software such as the SQL Database recovery tool.

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