SQL server database contains many objects such as stored procedure, views, function, triggers, etc. To secure database objects in SQL server, the user usually takes help of procedure named as encryption. After the database is encrypted, nobody can access its data without decrypting it. In fact, both encryption and decryption are equally important for Database Administrator (DBA). But sometimes there is a need to decrypt encrypted data in SQL server. Thus, in the upcoming section, we will introduce a reliable solution to let users understand how to decrypt encrypted data in SQL server without any data loss. Before that, let us consider the scenario mentioned below:

“Yesterday I tried to decrypt encrypted data in SQL Server and use it in another database but in an encrypted format. I want to know is there any approach by which I can easily decrypt SQL database script objects. Kindly suggest me a quick and instant solution for the same. Thanks in advance!!”

Decrypt Encrypted Data in SQL Server – Simple Technique

After going through the above scenario, users start searching for a trusted solution. Apart from this, there are different manual ways but all are lengthy and time-consuming. Thus, it is always recommended to opt for a reliable solution, i.e., SysTools SQL Decryptor tool. Hence, we are going to explain the complete working steps of the tool in a better way:

1. First of all, launch SQL Decryptor tool and click Start button to show the Connect page


2. Then, you need to choose Source Server name from auto-fetched list. If it is unavailable, then you can add the name manually.


3. Select the Login option between these two modes: Windows Authentication and SQL Server Authentication (second option requires the Server credentials.) You can also choose encrypted database. Click on the drop-down button to fetch the Database Name.


4. All the encrypted database objects are visible to all users.


5. Choose all components you want to export from left side panel. Also, you can either choose SQL Server Database or SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts to export SQL database.

The database can export With or Without Encryption. Choose Login Mode, Target Server Name, User Credentials, and Database Name.

Click Export button to move or copy the decrypted database.


6. Once the export process is done, you will get the notification and Export Report too.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does this software work without having the SQL Server login credentials?
If you select SQL Server Authentication, then you have to enter the username and password to log in SQL server. On the other hand, if you choose Windows authentication then there is no need to enter all credentials.

2. Can I decrypt SQL database objects like stored procedure, triggers, etc. using SQL Decryptor tool?
Yes, Of Course, using this software you can decrypt SQL stored procedures, functions, triggers and views that were already encrypted.

3. Is it possible to export decrypted SQL database to a new database of SQL Server?
Yes, you can simply decrypt all SQL scripted objects and export it into a new or existing SQL Server database.

4. Does this software allow to export selective database items?
Yes, you can check or uncheck data for selective export and save only checked items of SQL Server version 2019, 2017, 2016 & all below versions.

Final Words

After encryption users want to decrypt encrypted data in SQL Server, i.e., Views, Triggers, Functions, and Stored Procedure. Therefore, in this write-up, we have suggested a third-party tool named as SQL Decryptor. It is the perfect tool, which allows to decrypt all SQL scripted objects and export them into a new database. Moreover, we have covered the complete working steps of the software in a clear way.

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