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SQL server index corruption is a serious problem faced by users. This blog helps the user to know how to fix corrupted indexes in SQL server. So keep reading here

Microsoft SQL server is a powerful RDBMS ( Relational Database Management System). This application is used by small and large businesses to store and access crucial data in a safe and secure way. Despite the usefulness of this MS SQL server, the databases created are also prone to the corruption problem. In SQL server Indexes are created automatically by defining Primary key and the unique constraints on the table columns.

Whenever the primary key is configured, the SQL server database engine sets a clustered index. And whenever the table is created with the unique constraints the SQL database engine sets to non clustered index. In case if any corruption occurs in the clustered or non clustered index then SQL server may provide incorrect query results. This article will help the user to know how to fix the corrupted index in SQL server. Before proceeding to the solution part let us understand the reason behind the SQL server index corruption problem.

Reason Behind Corruption of Clustered or Non-Clustered Indexes

The SQL server indexes can be corrupted due to bugs in SQL server, abrupt system shutdown, inefficient server installation, modifications in SQL account, upgrading of SQL server.

Know How to Check the Corrupted Index of SQL Server

1. In case of Corruption occur in the SQL server index then it may show deleted or different values. running ROWID command will help the users to identify the missing entries.

2. When the administrator checks the log report and if log reports indicate that the logs were edited more than once and also there may be multiple UPDATE / DELETE command used by the SQL users. Then this problem can also be traced.

3. By performing logical and physical consistency checks on the Non clustered indexed with the help of DBCC CHECKDB command.

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Possible Ways to Fix Corrupted Index of SQL Server

Method 1: Restoring from the Backup

SQL administrators can fix corrupted Index problem in SQL server. The user can restore from the recent and updated backup available. But backup restoration is not an efficient technique to resolve this problem. There are some situations the admin doesn’t have a recent backup available. So that’s why backup restoration is not an efficient technique to recover Microsoft SQL server database.

Method 2: By Taking the help of Expert Solution

If the users want to fix the index corruption problem of SQL server then the user can take the help of SQL MDF Database recovery. By using this software the user can easily fix corrupted index of SQL server and also the user can restore Tables, stored procedure, views, functions, etc. Also by using this utility, the user can recover the deleted records from the SQL server database. This software fixes the clustered or non clustered indexes easily. This software is compatible with the SQL server 2017 and its below version.

Final Words

From the above discussion, one can get the ideas on how to fix corrupted indexes in SQL server. Also in this blog, we have discussed the reason for SQL server index corruption problem. Thus, to resolve this problem the user can try to restore from the backup. But in case of backup is not available then the user can take the help of SQL database repair tool to resolve this problem.

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