Once you collect perfmon counters using perfmon.exe.we need to analyse the historic data collected from the server.Here we are using PAL(Performance Analysis of Log).which can be download from here.

when download and installation is done,

Step 1


Step 2

Counter Log path .


Step 3

select the perform couter files.you can give any extension blg,tsv and csv


Step 4

select the Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008/2008 R2.you can change the threshold file as per yuor requirements.


Step 5

In the Questions

OS :- Select the operating system

Physical Memory :- give the Installed RAM of the server from where the perfmon counters are collected

UserVA:- for 32 bit SQL Server we have to give the Virtaul addess space  .if  you are using 64 Bit server you can ignore this option


Step 6

here you can set the delay in time interval


Step 7

specify the path where your outfile must be created


Step 8

In the Queue

you can take this powershell script  and make necessary changes


Step 9

Execute the query ot add it to the queue



Step 10

when you perfmon counters are analysed screen looks as below



Output of the PAL


12 11



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