SQL database does not get corrupted frequently. But when database corruption detected, it becomes a stressful or troublesome situation for the database administrator. Most of the time SQL database corrupted due to missing patch, hacker attacks, hardware or subsystem issues. So, SQL provides a CHKDSK option to detect the problem in SQL database. However, SQL Server is smart enough to anticipate the corruption and also come up with solutions to resolve them. In this blog, we are going to explain the process to remove corruption from the SQL database.

SQL Database Corruption – Causes


How to Fix SQL Database Corruption Detection Problem?

If you want to fix your SQL database corruption, first, you should use your backup to recover the database. But, there are chances that you do not have SQL database backup or your backup file is deleted or damaged by the virus and hacker attacks. In this situation, you can try DBCC CHEKDB command.

Detect Database Corruption

The DBCC CHEKDB is a special command, which is used to find out the integrity and check the problems in the database. In order to check the integrity of the recent database, run the following T-SQL command.


Recover SQL Database Corruption

If you want to repair a corrupted database by using DBCC CHEKDB command line, then run following commands:


The first line of these commands is used to set the SQL database in a single user mode.

In case, your SQL database is too big and you want to recover only individual database objects such as a table, then first ensure that your SQL table is in single user mode before recovery. Then, use the following commands:

 CHECKTABLE ('schema.tablename', REPAIR_REBUILD);

After recovery, you can set the SQL database again in multiuser mode by running this command:

ALTER DATABASE adventureworks2016ctp3 SET MULTI_USER

Easiest Way to Remove SQL Database Corruption Detected Issue

To using various command lines involves a lot of brainstorming and hard work. It increases the chance of mistakes during command execution and also takes a lot of time to remove SQL database corruption. Moreover, the manual process is not suitable for the less experienced person. Hence, to replace the manual approach, you can use an effortless approach like SQL Database Repair. This utility is very beneficial to recover all types of corruption from SQL database. It will repair both primary and secondary file and export them into the SQL server database. Apart from this, it is capable to scan and repair the damaged triggers, rules, functions, tables, stored procedures, etc. To recover corrupted SQL database, follow these steps:
Step 1: Download, install and run the SQL Recovery Software on your local machine.
Step 2: Click on Open button and search for the desired file that you want to recover.
Step 3: After that, click on the Advance Scan option and then Auto Detect for finding the version of the SQL Server automatically.
Step 4: After completion of the scanning process, the software will display you the preview of data items.
Step 5: Finally, click on the Export button to save the recovered database.


It becomes a major problem when database corruption detected in SQL Server. Because, due to corruption database file cannot be accessible and it also occurs different types of errors. So, we have to detect the database corruption and resolve them. In this post, there are both manual and alternate ways to recover database corruption has been discussed in a convenient manner.

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