Port Used by SQL Server?

Every one knows that by default any version of SQL Server Uses 1433. how to check the port used by SQL Server. 1: execute use master go xp_readerrorlog 0,1,N’Server is listening on’,’any’,NULL,NULL,N’asc’ in the management studio Option 2 OPtion 3 run this query in the SQL  Server Management Studio select distinct local_net_address, local_tcp_port from sys.dm_exec_connections […]

How to add a mapped drive in sql server

To add a Mapped drive in SQL Server, we have enable xp_cmdshell ,which can be configured by using a syntax as below sp_configure ‘xp_cmdshell’,1 go reconfigure Then run the below script in the SQL Server Management Studio details in the script  z: is the name of the mapped drive , and \192.192.600.299shared is the physical […]

How to take Backup of a single Table

sometimes you might get a need to take a backup of a single table,there are many options  Generate scripts run a select query and the save the output a file BCP select * into table2 from table1 the best option which i feel is the BCP command,you can check its syntax as below’ bcp database.dbo.tablename […]